Civil Engineering

Preliminary Site analysis – Due Diligence – Site Planning and Design – Roadway Design – Storm water System Design – Erosion and Sedimentation Control – Water Distribution System Design – Sewer Collection System Design – Site Grading

Storm Water Management

Stormwater Master Plans – 100-year Flood Analysis – Storm Drainage Pipe System – Stormwater Management Design – Water Quality Design For Impaired Water Bodies

Construction Management

Technical Specifications – Bid Process Administration – Construction Contract Administration – Construction Observation and Management – Certificates of Completion


Stormwater Management – Planning, Zoning and Preliminary Plan – Water Distribution and Sewer Collection Systems – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permits

ShroyerDrapala Engineering LLC was developed by Steve Shroyer, Mike Drapala and Jason Coates to provide experienced civil engineering services to the west coast of Florida with an emphasis in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

We provide each project through the governmental review process with professional and personal hands on service.

Every team member  has over 10 years of local experience. We stay up to date in the local community through participation on committees related to land development.


Shroyer Drapala Engineering
1111 3rd Ave West
Suite 210
Bradenton, FL 34205

Office phone 941 746 4000
Cell Phone 941 962 6533